Is Your Work Making You Crazy?

How do you define crazy? That's a good question. If you take Psychology 101 or basic psychology in college, it turns out that, ultimately, there is no satisfactory answer.

The thing about crazy or mental illness is that it operates on both an objective and subjective level.

If you say that mentally unhealthy people are unhappy, well, you'd be surprised because a lot of serial killers and these are who hunt down and kill people, are perfectly happy. They feel they're content. They think that their life is fine.

Of course, their happiness is derived from killing, maiming, raping, and otherwise harming people, but they're happy. So you can't define mental illness in subjective terms.

There are also objective terms, but they can be slippery as well because when you ask people, "Okay, you possess these symptoms, are you crazy?" Chances are, people are not going to say that they are. Do you see how this works?

Regardless, you have to pay attention to what goes on at work. Because if you focus on work to the extent that you allow it to take over your life, then don't be surprised if you become detached from reality at some level or another.

It is one of the definitions of being "crazy." Because you have lost balance; and it may have started in the most socially acceptable way.

Hey, let's get one thing clear, this article is not anti-work. I'm not saying that people should be irresponsible. I'm not, in any way, shape or form, advocating that people should blow off their duties, responsibilities, and obligations.

You're an adult. You have to put food on the table. You have to take care of yourself. You have to be mature.

And part of that process is work. That's how you get your act together. That's how you take care of things. And most importantly, that's how you achieve some sense of meaning in your life.

There's a lot of truth to what a lot of philosophers say. "You are what you do." "To do is to be." But you can take things too far.

And this is how work makes us crazy because it starts affecting our definitions. It starts redefining our lives for us.

But believe me, your work has its agenda. It has its trajectory. It has its purpose. It has its meaning. And for you to somehow, some way, think that that agenda, meaning, trajectory, and purpose are what gives you fulfillment, there is going to be a problem.

It can give you part of your purpose, but not all of it. You cannot dedicate everything you got to any one aspect of your life. You lose balance when you do that. You lose perspective. And ultimately, you lose yourself. This line of action is how work makes you crazy.

It is Time to Reboot

The good news is that there is a quick and relatively easy way to get a mental reboot.

If you feel that your life has turned into some existential cancer that has crept into all areas of your life, it doesn't have to be that way. It all boils down to what you choose to think about and how you choose to define yourself.

You are not your work. You are not your failures. You are not your sins. You are not your shortcomings. You're worth more. You are more. You are yourself.

And if you are serious about exploring the power of yourself to set things aright, click here. This solution is a solution you control yourself.

No psychiatrists, no psychologists, no institute of experts calling the shots. Just you. No drugs or chemicals either. It is 100% natural. And most importantly, it traces back thousands of years.

Thousands of people, in so many different ages, have used this to get that reboot that enabled them to get out from under the social, mental and spiritual cancer that surrounded them. If it can free them, it can free you.

Harlow (chip) Reseburg is an experienced technologist, craftsman, and martial artist. Driven by finding the limits of Human Potential and Transpersonal Psychology he takes pride in finding the best possible daily rituals to maximize personal satisfaction and transformation in life. He has been self-employed for over fifteen years now, and his primary goal is to work with other successful independent people and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop self-mastery practices to increase their overall impact and make a better world for everyone. | | Facebook MasteryPracticeCoach | LinkedIn HarlowChipReseburgIII | Twitter @HarlowReseburg

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